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What would you think if you saw a pick-and-place robot that sorts complex goods such as

Cognibotics signs agreement with Spectrum Technology and ADDICT3D to integrate the innovative Parallel-Kinematics (Sigma Tau) and

Robotics company Cognibotics raises SEK 60 million in new capital The Swedish robotics company Cognibotics raises

The next step in warehouse automation – robotized item picking It is time to take the

Cognibotics AB and Smartshift Robotics are excited to announce that we have entered a new partnership

The new HKM robot maximizes order throughput Increased productivity in order picking is key to solving

Release the full potential of your design teams Download the HKM STEP file and start to

Unveiling the improved HKM The market for fast pick & place robots is growing and Cognibotics

Cognibotics AB, is thrilled to announce that we have entered a new strategic partnership with ELHA-MASCHINENBAU

We have observed a gap in the availability of slim robot arms with long reach and high speed.

A parallel kinematic machine takes advantage on actuators working side by side.

For certain robot applications that require high precision, Cognibotics provide techniques and software for performing kinematic calibration.

We have developed a method for haptic programming of dual-arm robots such as the ABB YuMi.

In applications where the robot interacts with the environment it is crucial that the robot is aware of the contact forces.

A dynamic model is essential to accomplish full utilization of robot motor torques for superior path following even at high speed.

The Cognibotics patented clamping method uses a fixed point where the robot end-effector is rigidly attached.

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