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Cognibotics AB, is thrilled to announce that we have entered a new strategic partnership with ELHA-MASCHINENBAU

The MAX IV synchrotron laboratory in Lund, Sweden had a difficult challenge. They needed to catch

When MTEK, a global leader in manufacturing digitization and automation solutions, needed to develop and launch

The ABB YuMi robot is a marvel of built-in sensors and capability in a 2 armed

In close collaboration with Corebon, leaders in sustainable carbon fiber technologies, and ProdTex, experts in virtual

We have observed a gap in the availability of slim robot arms with long reach and high speed.

A parallel kinematic machine takes advantage on actuators working side by side.

For certain robot applications that require high precision, Cognibotics provide techniques and software for performing kinematic calibration.

We have developed a method for haptic programming of dual-arm robots such as the ABB YuMi.