The Hybrid Kinematic Manipulator (HKM) Robot

The Cognibotics robot is a perfect match when you need to reach positions far apart but don’t want to compromise on performance. Traversing across large surfaces like an EU pallet in less than a second, offers companies an unparalleled possibility to build fast, accurate systems to handle their goods and help them become even more productive. The innovative and highly scalable design enables a reach of 3600 mm over an area of 10 sqm!

Our unique concept to place all motors and gears in the base of the robot also means minimal energy consumption. The moving parts consitute only 15% of the weight of the robot which even allows you to run the robot from a standard wall outlet.

Watch the full video at: Vimeo

We are now launching a beta program for the HKM in which you have the possibility to get early access to the robot and work close with the Cognibotics engineers to try it out in your own application. Just fill in the form to the right and we will get back to you.

Looking forward to explore new possibilities together with you!

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