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Cognibotics put years of research to practical use in new lightweight robot designs with record breaking reach, speed and precision. 

Through our active research in advanced robotics we turn technical advancements in robot accuracy, calibration and kinematics into new automation solutions that allow companies to upgrade existing as well as new industrial processes with state-of-the-art robot designs.
Our aim is to help ur customers improve productivity, quality and cost efficiency.

We aim to contribute to the societal and industrial innovation through new robotics and automation solutions that improves quality of life, work environments and drive a sustainable economy.

Today we offer complete new robot designs based on these findings and a vision that robots should be light, strong, fast and provide easy integration into customer applications. Additionally, we are continuing to develop new end-user functions for more easily instructing robots, including Augmented Reality for robot programming and haptic interfaces for teaching of force-controlled motions.

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History of Cognibotics

Cognibotics was founded in 2013, as a direct spin-off from RobotLab at the faculty of engineering (LTH) at Lund University. The basic idea of the company was  formulated around a concept to use data on motor torques and clamping devices to calibrate the kinematics of a robot.

Cognibotics has since then broaded our work in several EU funded projects as well as national scientific projects relating to automatic control, mechatronics and software technologies.

Supported by Lund University Innovaton System (LU Innovation), Vinnova and Lund University Holding company (LU Holding)  Cognibotics has developed as a company, industrialized our offering and developed a range of commercial products and services. Today the team at Cognibotics share an extensive network of contacts with robot experts in both academia and the automation industry, in Sweden and abroad. We work with a range of companies to develop new automation concepts and expanding the range and capabilities of industrial robots.

The Cognibotics team

The Cognibotics team offers a wide range of competence within robotics and high tech product development, with many years of combined experience. The baseline education of our team is a technical master degree, as well as numerous PhD degrees. We have experts in most subjects related to robotics, such as servo control, dynamic modeling, mechanical design, trajectory planning, and cognitive interfacing.

We combine our technical expertise with business savviness and strong customer focus to create and deploy new exciting robot solutions. 

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Our locations

Cognibotics AB

Head office
Ideon Science Park
Scheelevägen 15
SE-22370 Lund

Visiting address
Building Alfa4,
via Reception/Agora in Alfa3

Tel: +46-46-286 59 90
E-mail: info@cognibotics.com

Cognibotics Inc

19 Morris Ave
Brooklyn Navy Yard,
Building 128 - New Lab
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Unites States of America

Tel: +1-917-936 36 50
E-mail: nam@cognibotics.com

Our policies

At Cognibotics we take integrity seriously and take great care of  all employee and  customer data. To guide us in our daily work we have created a set or directives  that govern a our code of conduct and regulate how we use private data. They apply to both employees and employers, and  govern conduct both within and outside the workplace.  

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