In-line verification

Our approach to verify calibration, accuracy, and condition of the robot can be built-in to be done automatically and in-line, saving both time and money.

Traditionally, robots are calibrated and verified at the factory and unless something happens to the robot, where it is obvious that the robot has lost its positioning accuracy, then no verifications are done. This is due to the fact that field re-calibration and verification is a manual and time consuming process where the results are very dependent upon the skill and ability of the service engineer performing the operation.

In many industries, process equipment involved in producing quality and high accuracy parts must be periodically verified and accuracy documented to ensure control over the process. Industrial robots, when used in the process itself, also have a requirement for periodic verification, which has been very difficult to achieve to date.

We have developed a way to in-line verify the calibration, accuracy, and condition of the industrial robot.

Cognibotics’ patented technology offers a solution whereby the robot itself may perform a validation check automatically, and with that data, Cognibotics can produce a calibration and accuracy verification report.

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