Extra High Accuracy (PKM)

Robots cells with Cognibotics calibration are highly efficient solutions to work on large precision parts. However for parts with extra demanding tolerances and sizes larger than 3 meters the Parallel Kinematic Mechanism (PKM) is likely the best solution when the possible robot accuracy is not enough and the cost of Gantry CNC Machines is not financially justified. The Parallel Kinematic Machine is bridging the gap between machine tools and industrial robots. Tolerances down to 0.05mm can be achieved over large volumes.

A PKM robot can be adapted to different processes with high accuracy and high process force over large workspaces. A PKM robot can be adapted for both lightweight processes such as Laser Welding or Inspection to heavy processes such as Grinding, Drilling, Riveting, Milling or Friction Stir Welding.

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Application examples:

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