Utilizing the original hardware we can turn an ordinary robot into a high precision drilling tool.

Industrial robots have many advantages when it comes to drilling:

  • large working volume
  • inexpensive when compared to dedicated drilling equipment
  • very fast repositioning
  • easily reprogrammable

The difficulty in using industrial robots for drilling comes from the inaccuracies in positioning of the robot and the deflections of the robot itself due to the forces coming from the drilling process. The hole may not be in the correct position and the hole may not be fully round. For many applications and softer materials, this is acceptable, but high performance drilling has not been possible to achieve without specialized very stiff robots and expensive additional equipment.

Cognibotics offer solutions for high accuracy and high quality robotic drilling. Using the original robot controller and standard industrial robot, we are able to calibrate the robot both for positional errors and for compensation of the drilling forces using the robot’s own internal sensors.

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