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Mechanical design
Automation control
Motion precision
Robot programming
User interaction

Key expert areas

Robot control devices

HMI, controller cabinets, and motion control for custom mechanical structures.

Accuracy improvements

Services and software for robot parameters and accuracy improvement.

Performance enhancements

Software that boosts the performance of robots and systems.

Advanced motion control

Vibration handling and maximum acceleration motion planning.

Competencies and Deliverables:

Advanced kinematic modelling

An adequate and precise kinematics model is a prerequisite for an efficient control of your robot. For robots without a standard kinematics model Cognibotics support robot manufacturers and integrators with verified custom kinematics packages.  We include both static and elastic characteristics and enable you to deploy them both in embedded and off-line systems.

Complex robot dynamics

A dynamic model of a robot is a key for high motion performance and optimal torque utilization. Gravity and acceleration compensation via a torque feedforward model dramatically boosts performance. Cognibotics delivers software packages for your machine, reducing errors and lowering cycle time.

Custom Calibration and Accuracy

Cognibotics provides services to integrate Motion Precision Tool Suite into traditional robot applications. Accurately positioning a robot given external inputs from a camera or computer requires an accurate model and measurement of the robot. With our technology and services, we deliver tools and packages to make your robot move to where you want it to go.

Motion Control

Cognibotics delivers motion control services and packages to manage the vibration and motion planning for robotic machines, reducing the mechanical stress, increasing the lifetime, and lifting performance.

Assembly and Vision Solutions

Cognibotics delivers assembly and material handling solutions for advanced applications in demand of precise robot motions with and without vision.

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Our cases

Our success is measured through that of our customers. Here are some great examples of how we solved problems of our customers, and ensured their success, with efficient, state-of-the-art robot solutions.

The MAX IV synchrotron laboratory in Lund, Sweden had a difficult challenge. They needed to catch

When MTEK, a global leader in manufacturing digitization and automation solutions, needed to develop and launch

The ABB YuMi robot is a marvel of built-in sensors and capability in a 2 armed

In close collaboration with Corebon, leaders in sustainable carbon fiber technologies, and ProdTex, experts in virtual

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