Motion Precision Tool Suite

A complete suite for Robot Absolute Accuracy

Calibration and compensation tools to maximize robot accuracy and motion consistency.

With our tool suite you can easily improve the accuracy in your robot to support new innovative applications and enable programming in absolute co-ordinates. It enables fast and efficient deployment of new programs, facilitates reprogramming and replacements of robots by eliminating the need for rejogging or manual program updates.

With our superior elasticity models and deflection compensation, motion consistency is strongly improved and the effect of payload and gravitational forces on the robot behavior is eliminated. All to maximize the utilization of your robots.

Absolute Accuracy

“Make your real robot an ideal robot”

Available solutions

  • Industrial robot calibration

  • Sensorless cobot calibration

  • Elasto-Kinematic  compensation 

  • Real-Time trajectory enhancements

Motion Precision Tool Suite top features

Motion accuracy

Maximizing the performance of your robots with absolute accuracy.

Motion consistency

Increases motion consistency and makes your robots fully exchangeable.

Fast incident recovery

Minimize robot downtime and maintain precision over time with fast re-calibration and automatic program updates.

Virtual comissioning

Validate and program your robots digitally. Decrease cost and time for programming and cell design.

Industrial robot calibration

A complete kit for identification of elasto kinematic parameters of your robot individual. The robust measurement arm is designed for calibration of industrial robots. The automated measurement procedure ensures a consistent result and makes usage straight forward and labor efficient, no matter if used in the robot factory or out in the field. Direct integration with Cognibotics unique elasto kinematic modeling and parameter identification, robot calibration has never been easier. Combine with our compensation tools to take robot accuracy to new levels.

Sensorless cobot calibration

Use a Cognibotics clamping plate and software plugin to automatically perform an elasto-kinematic identification of your cobot, only using the internal robot sensors. Robust and intuitive equipment that combined with Cognibotics compensation, makes your cobot offline programmable, quickly recoverable and highly accurate.

Elasto-kinematic compensation

We offer tools to compensate robot programs for kinematic and elastic deviations to increase their accuracy and motion consistency regardless of payload.  This will additionally minimize deployment-, programming and downtime of your robot system for the entire life cycle.

Real-Time trajectory enhancements

Optimized software for increasing  robot path accuracy in real time.  This opens up for new applications for continuous process including gluing, grinding and arc welding where absolute accuracy is essential to obtain high quality result.


Heavy process loads
High speed dispensing
Varying payloads
Precision assembly
Maintenance prediction

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.

Wyatt Earp

Motion Precision Tool Suite

Cognibotics offer tailored kits including measurement arms, clamping devices, processing units in combination with different software packages for advanced calibration and offline as well as online program compensation .

We support robot users, system integrators, line builders and robot manufacturers in their endeavor to increase and maintain robot accuracy, reduce service costs and minimize cost of operation.

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