Cognibotics Hexapod

The Hexpod is a state-of-the-art robotized flexible fixture for precise fixturing and control in all linear and rotational directions. It is developed between Cognibotics, Corebon, and Prodtex in close partnership. The flexible fixture enables manufacturers to swap fixturing solutions in real time for both fixturing and positioning. The optional integrated force/torque sensor provides unique abilities to control forces and stress on the fixed object and to maintain and monitor these forces during operations on the fixed object and during a positioning movement.

Hexapods are scalable from 1 to 15 Hexapods with a distributed control system to cover large volumes as necessary. A single control interface allows the fixturing positions for individual or groups of Hexapods to be selected and specified to enable very short re-configuration times between different fixturing positions and tasks. This dramatically reduces the turn-over time for fixturing new parts or variants.

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Thanks to its unique carbon-fiber construction and distributed control system, the Hexapod mechanics is very stiff and easier to mount in different positions and orientations and dramatically reduces the costs of mounting. Each Hexapod can handle a load up to 100kg and the load can be distributed automatically between the Hexapods with the optional force/torque sensors.

Key Customer Values:

  • Stiff and lightweight mechanical structure
  • Quick change to pre-set fixturing positions
  • Control of external and internal forces on the object
  • Scalable solution
  • Position the object while fixturing

”The Hexapods are based on earlier development in Vinnova SweDemo project and the SAAB AB requirements of the application in CleanSky2 project.”

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