Automated waste management

Use the long reach of the HKM to cover wide conveyor systems and pick and sort waste into multiple categories at a high speed.

Friction stir welding with SigmaTau side mounted

The SigmaTau offers great support for application where stiffness and high precision is key. This makes it ideal for friction stir welding offering several advantages over more traditional welding to preserve material characteristics and increase the strength of the welds.

MaxLabs: Catching an X-ray

The MAX IV synchrotron laboratory in Lund, Sweden had a difficult challenge. They needed to catch X-rays coming from a high-energy atomic collision with an extremely expensive and very small sensor. For each new experiement, while they could theoretically determine the direction of the X-ray, they needed a flexible device to position the sensor in […]

MTEK: Yumi application

When MTEK, a global leader in manufacturing digitization and automation solutions, needed to develop and launch their MCell concept with the ABB YuMi robot they turned to Cognibotics to help them tackle the challenge. Cognibotics, with its in-depth knowledge of robot accuracy, vision, programming, and the ABB YuMi, worked closely with MTEK in their product […]

ABB: Yumi vision

The ABB YuMi robot is a marvel of built-in sensors and capability in a 2 armed collaborative robot. In its original state, however, it was a bit difficult to program and get full utilization of the gripper cameras and gripper functions. To make this system easier to use, ABB’s experts called on Cognibotics to work […]

Hexapod Controller – a 6DOF flexible fixture

In close collaboration with Corebon, leaders in sustainable carbon fiber technologies, and ProdTex, experts in virtual production and manufacturing solutions, and inspired by Saab Aerospace, Cognibotics has developed a state-of-the-art robot control solution for a new flexible fixture product. The product, referred to as the Hexapod, is a six axis fully automated fixture made in […]

Kinematic calibration

For certain robot applications that require high precision, Cognibotics provide techniques and software for performing kinematic calibration.