Cognibotics was founded in 2013, as a direct spin-off from RobotLab at the faculty of engineering (LTH) at Lund University. The basic idea of extensive utilization of motor torques and clamping for programmed closing of mechanical kinematic chains for calibration was formulated  within the EU/FP7 project COMET in 2012, when a patent application was filed, and granted in 2013. The developed products and solutions also build on results from several other EU projects and some national research, all with the scientific basis in automatic control, mechatronics and software technologies. The team all together share an extensive network of contacts with robot experts from both academia and industry in many countries.

Lund University Innovation System, LU Innovation, has been instrumental in establishing Cognibotics as a business. This includes guidance, inspiration, funding (Vinnova) and investments (LU Holding). We have also benefited from membership in SynerLeap and Ideon Innovation.

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