Cognibotics specializes in methods and services for high-performing and cost-effective determination of robot properties such as geometric parameters, backlash, friction, and nonlinear compliance. Also, services and solutions for utilizing such properties are provided, such as simulation models and estimation/compensation algorithms that can be integrated in end-user application scenarios. Additionally, end-user functions for more easily instructing robots are developed, including Augmented Reality for robot programming and haptic interfaces for teaching of force-controlled motions.

The core of the Cognibotics approach to easy-to-use high-performance robotics is mechanical force interplay between the robot and its environment. This applies to identification of dynamics, calibration of elasto-kinematics, handling process forces, and operator interaction. Since the core approach is complementary to other approaches that are typically based on visual/non-contact sensing/feedback and/or CAD-based program generation, we seek collaboration with other technology providers and integrators whenever application demands need to be fulfilled.

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