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Easy-to-use calibration and compensation solutions for your industrial robot. Tools  that maximize your robot accuracy and motion consistence

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Advanced problem solvers, tiger team experts in robotics and custom product development

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We believe in developing sustainable solutions tailored to meet the growing need for automation. Our robots are optimized with regards to weight, energy consumption and performance. Our focus is to support the need for increased productivity and modernizing the workplaces with powerful yet very safe robots.

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Material handling
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Friction stir welding
Precision machining
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"The reason it has taken so long for the robotics industry to move forward is because people keep trying to make something that is cool but difficult to achieve rather than trying to find solutions to actual human problems. Technology can be extremely expensive if you don't focus."

Colin Angle

11 of 34 employees at Cognibotics have a PhD

7 nationalities and 7 languages are spoken at Cognibotics

28 in our team have earned a Master of Science degree

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